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Mumtaz Welfare Trust (MWT) is a social welfare organization and founded is the name of a mother Mumtaz begum (late), founded by donations. The trust planes to be involved in every aspect of social/ financial help that minimizes unevenness from society and from normal peopleís life by providing them with basic needs. This trust is non-profit and has no political agenda.

MWT is providing financial help to continuous struggle against poverty with self sufficiency. Illiteracy with education, sicknesses with medical assistance and daughterís marriage with basic needs.

MWT is initiating small business project for motivated people with financial help to lead them a respectable life. It is trying to be educational support to deprived children at their doorstep. MWT is arranging medical assistance to the patient who has no access to specialized treatment as thy canít afford expenses. MWT is providing daughter basic necessities in their marriage to start their new life as MWT will grow, its prime objective will be to proved more job opportunities to deserving people.

Mumtaz Welfare Trust is keeping an eye on all the project/activates to make sure that all financial/ moral assistance is generating positive result. All staff member s and volunteers will evaluate the performance of every project/activity on regular basis that enable our trust members to make further decisions in right direction.

To hold trust and confidence, all donor will be provided according to the necessary information regarding consumption of their donation in project / activates we, therefore, invite all of you to join hands with us in this noble cause to make the people self-sufficient and give them a chance to live as a respectable citizen.

Welcome to Mumtaz Welfare Trust

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Objectives of MW Trust

Financial Assistance:

Continuous struggle with Financial Assistance to initiate small business for self sufficiency.


Education Assistance:

Assistance to deserving student in education accomplishments.†


Medical Assistance:

Medical treatment for needy patients



Families lacking of support / protection


Marriages Assistance:

Marriages of deserving daughters

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